Rangeland Seed Drill — "A time-proven planter"

P&F Services manufactures rugged rangeland seed drills for planting in mountainous and rocky terrain. We offer a single design with options to customize each seed drill for your specific needs.


  • Full-size drill; two boxes, plants 10' swath
  • Half-size drill; single box, plants 5' swath
  • Hydraulic lift [what does this do?]
  • 3 box styles for specific seed types


Our rangeland seed drills offer features for specific to planting in rocky and mountainous terrain.
  • High disc clearance for clearing obstacles.
  • Disc opener arms cast soil toward center of drill to equalize disc thrust.
  • Discs spaced 12" apart and attached to main frame, allowing independent vertical action for maneuvering over rocks, brush or other obstacles.
  • Seed delivery system accommodates grain, legume and fluffy seeds.
  • Large wheels for negotiating rough terrain.
  • Folding tongue for easy hauling.
Drills are made to order and can be equipped with a combination of seed boxes to suit your needs


Full sizePlants 10 feet
Half sizePlants 5 feet
10-opener arms12" spacing
Weight4500 lbs
Tires11.25 x 28, 10 ply
Frame Clearance33"
Disc Blades20"
Depth Rings18" or 17"
Folding Tongue

Manufactured to US Forest Service specifications RM27

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Two groups of 5 disc opener arms are arranged to cast soil toward the center of the drill to equalize disc thrust. Notice maximum clearance under discs for maneuvering over rough terrain.

Seed Drill Clients

Simplot Phosphorous Mine; Vernal, Utah

Nevada State Game and Fish

University of Nevada; Reno, Nevada

Bureau of Land Management; Idaho Falls, ID

Utah Game and Fish (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources?)

Black Hills Bentonite Mine; Worland , WY

Bureau of Land Management; Worland, WY

Bureau of Land Management; Vale, OR

Deer Lodge, Montana, Soil Conservation District

Utah Soil Conservation District

Chevron P & M Mine; Kemmerer, WY

Columbia Empire Farms; Madras, OR

Hycreek Ranch; Bend, OR

The countries of Morocco, Iran, Greece and Canada