P&F Services — Manufacturer of Rangeland Seed Drills and Provider of Wildland Reclamation Services

Wild-land and Rangeland Re-seeding

P&F Services, founded in 1981 by Frank Russo, is a full service wild-land reclamation company. We specialize in wild-land and rangeland reclamation, fencing, seeding, erosion control and hay meadow inter-seeding. We seed approximately 3,500 acres every year.

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Custom Rangeland Seed Drills

From the beginning we have used government-designed “rangeland seed drills” for both their durability and effectiveness, and to meet Bureau of Land Management (BLM) equipment requirements for reseeding. In 1992 we purchased the rights and the original government blueprints to manufacture Rangeland Drills from Laird Welding of Merced, California, and began manufacturing our own custom seed drills. Our drills are a refined version of those originally designed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the 1950s. Today our drills are sold to customers around the world and are used on many of BLM, state conservation district, and mining and drilling reseeding projects around the country.

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What we do

Manufacture Rangeland Seed Drills

Our custom Rangeland Seed Drills are manufactured to the spcifications of the Bureau of Land Management and are used around the country and even other parts of the world on re-seeding and reclamation projects.

Rangeland and Wild-land Reclamation

P&F Services, based in Kemerer, Wyoming, provides rangeland and wild-land re-seeding and reclamation services throughout the western United States.